Friday, July 3, 2009

NOT rubbing it in but.....I WON !!!

Are you getting sick of my posts being titled...I WON?
Well, chalk it up to late night quiet time, a husband who likes to watch TV in bed, and the fact that I really would much rather be entering giveaways than watching "48 Hours" or "Parking Wars".
I enter about 10 giveaways a night, sometimes more. And have been winning about 1 item a week.
I do "optional extra entries" but not all of them since I cannot figure out how to "tweet" about a giveaway even though I joined Twitter. I joined facebook too and can't figure out how to do that. But I am working on it.
I do love handmade, being the frugal tight fist that I am. And find that most handmade items are made so well and have some love poured in. I really do heart Etsy and will be opening up my shop in the fall/winter this year. And will be doing giveaways of my own...YAY!!
Right now one of my favorite blogs is.....Fabulously Funky written by a delightfully light hearted handmade lover named Jody.
She posts the coolest items she finds around the internet that are handmade. She also has an ArtFire shop and an Etsy shop. Plus she's an art teacher...such a cool profession. I won one of her necklaces this past week through a giveaway on her blog. I love it, the color green in the necklace is very fluid. It reminds me of the ocean that I miss so much, having moved up here from the Norfolk/Va. Beach area. Plus I'm a Cancer and us crabs do hang out in the water you know.
So check out her blog and her shops and remember handmade items are so much more meaningful and made by people who love what they are doing. Here is a picture of my lovely necklace, Thank you Jody, you know you ROCK!


Shauna said...

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend :)

Ines said...

haha...oh, you.

blueviolet said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations!

CJ said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You left a message about a "time warp." To explain, I keep setting the date on my Giveaway post into the future so that it will stay at the top of my homepage until the Giveaway ends.

I like that bag that you won. It sounds very handy. Just today, my husband and I were grocery shopping and as we were going through the check-out we realized we left our shopping bags in the car. If I had a few rolled up in my purse, at least I'd have a few with me all the time.

I haven't checked for two days to see who has entered my Giveaway, but if you haven't, please join in the fun here:

RedRedCompletelyRed said...

Wow, well done! What a lot of lovely prizes!

My apologies for not sharing the cabbage soup recipe... I'll post it when I get a chance! (But to be honest, it's really just 4 c chicken stock with any veggies you've got and as much chicken as you're willing to use!)


Gina said...

CONGRATS!! Winning stuff is always fun :D

Diana said...

congrats on winning, and you have bragging rights ;)